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Braun – Best on the market

The Braun coffee maker is one of the best on the market! The company was created in 1921 by engineer Max Braun. By 1928, Braun was the leading manufacturer of radios. In 1950 they produced the very first electric razor and in 1967 they combined with Gillette as a result of this pairing, the company has since become an International enterprise. Braun also makes many different household products. The company called Braun is a world wide brand. Like any other innovative product designed by Braun, the high quality Braun coffee makers are also affordable!

Braun produces many different coffee machines. They vary in size, including: 2 cup, 4 cup, 6 cup, 8 cup, 10 cup, and 12 cup makers. The coffee making machines of Braun are accented with colors of either white, black, blue, red, white and even stainless steel. All of the coffee makers offered by Braun have many features, including: include many amenities. Some amenities you might find included on there coffee makers include digital clocks, fast brewing, automatic shut off, gold screen filters, pause and serve features and dishwasher safe parts. If you’re looking for a good coffee maker, Braun offers many different choices and there is something for everyone at a price you can afford.

Braun offers many different household appliances including many different coffee makers and you can find all the products offered by Braun on the World Wide Web. Some of the Sites you will find coffee makers offered by Braun include,,,,, and to name just a few. You can find the very best in coffee makers and the very best offered by Braun on these many sites as well as your own favorite coffee and coffee accessory sites on the World Wide Web. Shop online and compare prices on coffee makers from Braun to find the coffee maker you want at the price you want.
Braun Espresso Machine

Other ok coffee maker brands

Aromaster (KF 400, KF 12, KF 510, KF 420, KMM30, KF 22, KF 47), FlavorSelect KF 180, Impression KF 600, AromaDeluxe (KF 550, KF 500, KF 580, KF 510), AromaDeluxe KF 580, FlavorSelect (KF 187, KF 190, KF180), KF-145 / KF-147, BR-AR12, KF 37 and the Braun KF600.

By the way you should also review other brands of espresso machines and coffee makers such as, Nuvo, Oster, Pasquini, Philips, Black & Decker, Bunn, Capresso, La Pavini and many others