Coffee grinders

Review the best electric coffee grinders, from Kitchen Aid, Krups, Burr

Coffee grinders give you the ability to buy Robusta or Arabic coffee beans and then grind them up in your home giving you the freshest possible cup of gourmet coffee. There are quite a few factors that can determine the end flavor of coffee.

There are a few types of electric grinders that you can use to grind your coffee beans. The 3 types include, Blade, Burr (Flat Wheel), Burr (Conical).

Blade coffee grinder

Blade coffee bean grinders are designed to grind all types of coffee beans except espresso. These grinders are the cheapest of all 3. The reason they are cheaper is because the grinding isn’t consistent and it varies, so it cannot be used for espresso coffee. Blade grinders create an friction which burns the coffee beans that don’t give your cup of coffee the best possible taste.

Burr Grinders (Flat Wheel)

Probably the best way to grind coffee beans is with a burr grinder. The burr coffee grinder can produce more consistent and precise grinds, that are very noticeable especially to espresso lovers. A burr grinder produces the best espresso coffee, because it grinds consistent shapes and sizes of grinds. This is a must so that the water can evenly and equally extract the flavor out of the grind, producing the best possible coffee.

Conical Burr Grinders

Conical grinders are the best grinders for coffee. The grinding is done at a slower rate than the blade method so there is never any burnt grounds, and the actual grinding is done at a consistent level, which is essential for a good cup of espresso coffee.

Hand coffee maker grinder

Hand grinders use conical burrs, they are not electric, they run on your own sweat. A manual machine is a great way to achieve a consistent grind, with no burnt coffee beans which leads to the best possible flavor.

Some of the most popular grinders for coffee on the market at the present time include:

  • Kitchen Aid – (BCG100, A-9, KPCG100PM, Pro Line 7807073B, KPCG100, KCGB200TG)
  • Krups – (GVX2-12, 203-42, GVX1, 408-75, 203-70, GVX2-14, GX4100, GVX2-14, 203-70 Fast Touch, 203-45, F203, GVX2-14)
  • Braun – (KSM 2, KMM 30, KSM 4)
  • Bunn – (BCG, G9T, LPG2E, G9 HD, Bunn-o-matic G1, BCGW, LPG, G3 HD, Bunn-o-matic G2, G3, 22102-0001, G1 MD , 22104-0001, 22102-0001, 22104-0000, 22100-0001, 22100-0000)
  • Braun – (KSM 2, KMM 30, KSM 4)
  • Brands of coffee grinder manufacturers

Old Grinder

Other brands

Astra, Black & Decker, Bloomfield, Bodum, Bosch, Braun, Briel, Burr, Bunn, Cecilware, Cuisinart, DeLonghi, Deni, Espressione, Faberware, Gaggia, Gevalia, Grindmaster, Hamilton Beach, Pasquini, Isomac, Jura, Capresso, KitchenAid, Krups, Melitta, La Pavoni, Maestro, Maximatic, Mazzer, Mr. Coffee, Pasquini, Parker, Rancilio, Saeco, Salton, Solis, Stainless, Starbucks, Tefal, The Home Marketplace, Toastmaster, VillaWare, William Bounds, Zassenhaus and Zojirushi.

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